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James Soul 

FAA Certified SUAS Drone Operator

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Atlantic Drone 1

28 Prospect Street

Marblehead MA 01945




 Marblehead Neck

Marblehead Neck

What We Do...

Whether you want to shoot an island or just a picture of some local boats, Atlantic Drone 1 has got you covered...

Some will want Lavish landscape and seascape shots to help sell their real estate listings.

Some will want photos for their websites that can catch peoples eye in a busy marketplace.

Some may need arial photos of commercial properties.

Some will seek photos of the local area to display in their restaurants, boutique hotels, inns, waiting rooms and offices. We can create stunning, local canvas prints with custom drone photos. We offer  canvas prints all the way up to 40”x60”, that’s 5 feet wide! Your guest will love the local aerial prints and see you as  part of the community as well. 

Some may desire great, high resolution photos and videos for advertising their goods and services. 

Some may want us for close up inspections in hard to inspect areas like steeples.

Some may want "before and after" photos to show off their work.

Some will want gifts. I’ll bet Dad doesn’t have a 20x30 custom, aerial, canvas print of him sailing his boat, hanging in his office.

Some may want our custom, aerial photo, canvas prints to decorate their homes or sell in their shops.      

The possibilities are endless….

Atlantic Drone 1  is here to help you achieve your goals.

Imagine it and we'll help you create it.

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 Swampscott Lobster Boats

Swampscott Lobster Boats

 Marblehead Boating 

Marblehead Boating 

 Marblehead Lighthouse

Marblehead Lighthouse


There are many rules, regulations and restricted airspace issues that may or may not come into play. We may need to file a waver in some instances that can affect timing and pricing. Rather than bore you with regulations that may not evan pertain to you, I would rather just discuss those issues when and if they arise.         


  At the lake house September 2016

At the lake house September 2016


It was the 4th of July, 2014...

My very good friends came from Ohio for a visit and they brought a Drone. I didn't think to much of it at the time.

When we were first setting it up to fly, there was a peculiar  turning and spinning pre ritual we had to do. I found out later, that is how you set a home point  for a drone.

When Brendan started the quadcopter, the propellers came humming to life and I knew then, this wasn't a toy. It took off slowly and then it Leapt into the sky, straight up, 250 feet! Through the phone, we could see what it saw and we started taking pictures. later he went to the beach with his wife Kim and the kids where they continued to take pictures.

It wasn't til the next day, when we downloaded all of the drone pictures and I got to see what we captured for images.

It was amazing! Drone pictures are totally unique. They are a whole new way of seeing the world around us. Blown up in high definition with a wide angled lense. Drone pictures are striking and show how beautiful our everyday surroundings can be . Once I saw the potential of the drone, I was hooked! I had to have one.

In the past, I had a small marine art and framing business, I was always searching for local material because that's what people wanted. Marblehead is a beautiful place you know. As Soon as I saw the drone pictures, I knew I could  go out and capture those  pictures myself. That's what I am doing today.

Should you see me out there, feel free to stop by and say hi.

Call me Jim.